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WordPress Website Design

We recommend a company based in Ayrshire who build WordPress Websites there website can be found at  You may be a sole trader or an SME sized business and looking for a reputable website design business.  Their prices are very affordable, professional and they can help give advice for domain purchasing, website hosting, images and even design a logo.

Web Design Business

When you are looking for a website, you are more than likely wanting to promote or sell your business.  This company are very good and they will be honest with you about what you can get for your budget.  What you need to remember is that for a budget there are so many hours a developer can work for you and still make money.


  • Ask friends and colleagues for referrals
  • Ask to see previous examples of websites they have built
  • Ask for a breakdown of how they plan to build the site

If you are a larger business you can or should expect to get a breakdown of tasks that they will do for your website design.  Images are important, these should be high resolution, purchased by you or the business and this means you can use the images anywhere as you have purchased the rights to use the artwork.

Make Contact

Use the link at the top of the page for the company.  They are a small team who are very focused on customers / clients.  They use WordPress mainly and will offer advice regarding design.  The higher your budget, the more developer time you will get.  What you are paying for is the experience of a web developer.  You will have annual costs for website design but only pay once for the actual web build.  Sites do need maintenance so you may want to sk them about a monthly maintenance package.

Some of the websites they have built include;

Family Law  Employment Law  Power of Attorney  Hair Transplant   Dental Implants